“Dots” – A Fresh Approach to Effective Communication 

Why are leading organisation using DOTS as the go to course for their teams

Well… Do You Effectively Communicate With Your Staff? Clients? Family? Partner? Friends? Team Mates? Anyone?   Do You Want To Avoid Confusion? Lower Stress Levels? Have Happier & More Efficient Staff? Improve Client Service? And Have A Fantastic Time Learning How To Use This Awesome Tool?  Then join the dots revolution and call me.


An entertaining, educational and interactive seminar detailing the communication phenomenon that is “Dots”  (also known as precognitive communication).

“Dots” communication training results in

  • Clearer communication

  • Less Confusion

  • Lower stress levels

  • Happier staff

  • Greater efficiency

  • Improved client service

What did they say after “Dots”?

“Better understanding why some people ‘rub me up the wrong way’ and how I can deal with this”

“Has given me a totally new perspective and understanding of workmates thought processes”

“Not everyone is a visionist like me!  I have seen how different we all are!”

“Very good and a great help to ourselves and staff”

“Better assessment and quicker reaction to my approach to making a sale”

“Deal with clients in different ways. Different strokes for different folks”

“Will help close deals and work with people I haven’t worked successfully with, in the past”


The training is delivered in an interactive “Dots” 4-5 hour seminar.

We can have up to 80 participants at a time at our seminars, making “dots” a very cost effective training solution for your organisation.   


Working with groups as small as 2 people right through to larger groups of 80


Make your workplace a happier and more productive place!  Have fun, learn about your communication style and the style of others around you.   Get an awareness of your natural strengths and the natural strengths of your team.


For any business, organisation or team wanting to move to the next level.


Anytime to suit you , booking a month ahead suggested.


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Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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