We have a passion for helping people be the best version of themselves. Empowering people to come together with a new understanding of how to communicate and connect is AWESOME!


The impact of our 1/2 day workshop is life-changing for the participants, their families, teams and the organisations and communities they are a part of and is cool to witness.

  Understanding how humans communicate "naturally" and where people "naturally fit" with others creates the opportunity for dynamic improvement in mental health, productivity and wellbeing.  


Peter Smeele

Peter has been working with organisations, families and individuals in the area of mental health for his entire professional life.  Prior to returning to New Zealand (Christchurch) in early 2011 he spent 20 years in the USA working alongside some of the World’s leading experts in Mental health. Peter has presented at national and international conferences on Mental health and family systems.  Throughout his life Peter has observed that communication could be said to be the most vital part of human connection, and he is excited to be able to offer the DOTS™  courses. The concepts, principles and ideas conveyed through DOTs are profound and the impact is immediate.

Pat Johnston

Pat has a background in finance and health and has been running her own conference and events management business for the past 25 years.  Professional conference organisation engages with a wide cross section of professions and communities. This role requires her to communicate with a positive solution-based approach getting the job done in budget and in time. She knows from experience that open, honest and clear communication is essential when working with people and groups.  Pat discovered that by using DOTS language she had an advantage to get a better communication outcome. Since Covid19 greatly changed the conference and event market she is providing DOTS courses in person or online using Zoom. She loves how The DOTS communication system works for all ages - all occupations - all communities - all ethnicities and is excited to be bringing DOTS to The World

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